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As this project develops more and more interesting people are getting involved. Below are some of the persons involoved with the project and a little background about them.

     Kenneth L. Anderson - Writer

Kenneth Anderson
At the Lincoln Heritage Theater Company
c/o P.O. BOX 579
La Canada, Ca 91012

     Max CiVon - Writer / Director

Max CiVon at the Sony Video Institute

Max blends technology with media to tell stories. With degrees from both Purdue University’s Management program and Columbia Collage film school he embarked on a journey to blend digital cinema with modest budgets to explore compelling stories. He’s best known for his transitional work in the 1990’s when Sony recruited the Sarasota, Florida Director/film maker to join it’s once legendary video think tank –The Sony Video Institute , Los Angeles. The Sony Video Institute was located on the campus of the American Film Institute (The AFI). It contributed to Sony and the production industry's evolution to DIGITAL CINEMA..

It was his Film, Saturday Night Sarasota, (A micro budget film in an age before the term had been invented) which got Sony’s attention. Shot on Sony’s first CCD camera the movie exceeded all expectation for the time (1989) and directly lead to CiVon’s change of address to Los Angeles (January 1, 1990).

Max wrote books and taught and spoke to industry groups about Digital Cinema through the 1990’s representing Sony. With Sony’s successful dominance of the digital cinema industry assured (1999) The Sony Video Institute became less important (code for budget cuts). Today SVI is just a fond memory.

Max CiVon on location with Sordid Lives

In 2000, Max CiVon Teamed up with Writer/Director Del Shores and Max shot, produced and post produced the Indie SMASH hit film Sordid Lives, (Olivia Newton-John, Beau Bridges and a dozen other well known actors). Sordid Lives was one of the first films which originated on High Definition Video and was then transferred at Sony Studio to film for distributed as a film print. It’s theatrical release was in the year 2000. FOX transferred and distributed the Sordid Lives DVD. Today, Sordid lives is a Television series.

For Max CiVon, Sordid Lives represented the successful end of a technology journey he never expected to make. In film school he began shooting his own projects to save time and money. Once he started writing and directing for pay, he continued to direct from behind the camera. A hundred TV shows and commercials later he developed his own style of photography. People started calling Max an expert and the rest was history.

Over the last 12 years Max has turned his energy to the writing and the development of programming, in an effort to reinvent the process. He has developed projects ready for production but none more highly developed then Honest, it's Abe. The project is budgeted, planed and ready to go.

Learn more about Max, his projects and contact information by clicking here

     Luisa Leschin - Producer

Luisa, born in Hollywood, grew up in Guatemala where Spanish was her mother tongue. Attended high school of the Performing Arts, NYC. She's versatile writer, Luisa has amassed many film and television credits.

In prime-time television, Luisa is very proud to have been a writer on the ground-breaking, George Lopez show (ABC) from its inception. Through the six seasons of the show she rose from a position of Supervising Producer to Co-Executive Producer, then she became Co-Executive Producer on the CW's -- Everybody Hates Chris (TV series). TBS, Are We There Yet? and most recently Disney's Austin & Ally.

Luisa is currently represented by Cori Wellins at WME Agency. Learn more about her diverse body of work, film credits and contact information by visiting...

     Stu Slotnick - Web Design

Stu Slotnick
Stu is an information technology professional for more than 10 years. As a systems administrator by day he manages equipment and networks. With his own personal catalog of work, he manages a handful of websites and domains.

When Max asked Stu to be a part of the Honest It's Abe project he was more than happy to lend his expertise to the endeavor.

Originally from Pittsburgh, Stu relocated to beautiful Sarasota Florida where he lives with his wife and stepson. When not in front of the keyboard he can be found working on an antique Volkswagen or two.

     Patrick Baker - Composer

Max CiVon with Luisa LeschinAlthough Born in Lille France, Composer Patrick Baker is a true Brit! Hailing from Berkshire, England, Patrick has certainly been busy since coming to our shores! Patrick has always been an avid musician and composer, credited with being one of the innovators or inventors of “Bass music” He has recorded over 15 albums or CD’s One of which exceeded ”Gold” status in sales. Patrick writes and records all types of music from hardcore Rap to modern classical and loves “soundtrack Music” Creating the mood for a scene can range from a complete orchestra to a single instrument or sound effect It’s always different and always a challenge! .

Patrick is an eighth generation Circus performer, and as a young man worked with on many films with his father doing stunt work. His hobbies include, Computer graphics/3d modeling, racing various sports cars, And wrangling his six children with his wife Marzy!