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Honest It's Abe
A feature film
Written by: Max CiVon & Kenneth L. Anderson

STARTING in 2010 all the events of the CIVIL WAR will begin their march towards their 150TH anniversary, itís time to remember. Itís time to remember that Abe Lincoln had a great sense of humor, that going to the theater and telling interesting stories is what got Lincoln through his darkest and most difficult hours. Here in ďHonest, itís AbeĒ we embrace that same humor, for the same reasons. Enjoy our work of admiration.

Our intention is to make a film which will play for many years during the January and February Presidential honor season. There is a shortage of such films. The Tone of the film should be much like "Miracle on 34th Street" or "Itís a Wonderful Life." That same kind of up lifting spirit while honoring the memory of Abraham Lincoln. While our nation appears to be divided over the great issues of the day, it's good to remember Lincolnís insight into the danger of such division is timeless.

Honest, itís Abe

Honest, it's Abe is both a stage play and a feature film. CiVon/Anderson had such a positive response to the stage play in it's early incarnations that they were inspired to expand the story into a movie. And it's the film script that we consider in this space.

Fresh off their Sarasota, Florida run and full of the emotion which followed that journey to the stage, CiVon/Anderson immediately put into script all the ideas and images which they might wish could have been included in the original stage play but could not because -- it's a stage play.

In the film, Abraham Lincoln returns to the silver screen to expand on the character he so brilliantly portrayed on stage. While the relationship between Lincoln and the misunderstood (thought crazy) Professor Beacon remains largely the same, it's Lincoln's ability to reconnect with the youth of today which has surprised most critics... Abe was not available for comment.

The film expands on the modern day college class room set (of the stage) and we travel back into Abe Lincoln's past to enlighten the present day world of the "super-cool" college student as they attempt to rule their campus. Our three students -- Ramon, William and Elizabeth thought Civil War history was just another easy credit for their transcript -- WRONG! These three unsuspecting college students are trapped in the space between reality and Civil War as it comes alive before their eyes.

The film is both inspirational and fun. It's a comedy with a few pulls on the heart strings. But you can't help but laugh at the predicament our hipsters find themselves in as they can't seem to escape their "Twilight Zone-ish" adventure.
President Lincoln's 200th birthday is February 12th 2009 -- next February.

In a recent interview with the Honest, it's Abe writer's -- CiVon reveals how their Star (Lincoln) has successfully avoided the paparazzi all these years. CiVon says that his STAR (Lincoln) would like nothing more than to open a new film on his birthday. Anderson went on to say that a man doesn't turn 200 every day. Writer/Director Max CiVon agrees and he is actively seeking a funding Angel to back the picture as a birthday present to America. We need to get rolling very soon.

If you or someone you know is a fan of Abraham Lincoln and you would like to sincerely honor his contribution to THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, please send a note to:

Max CiVon
P.O. Box 579
La Canada, Ca. 91012

There is a feature script with a budget ready to go ... but please, only financially sound, mentally stable financial angels. Anderson concluded by saying ", the writers will not introduce you to Mr. Lincoln, he has insisted on a private dressing room". THANK YOU.

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